Hi all-

Thanks for checking in.  

The short story is the album is out...and we changed our name to "Goodbye Blue"!

For the long story, please head over to www.goodbyebluemusic.com to get the latest news.

xoxo charlotte


Hey there,

Well, we are officially fully funded!  We reached our goal for the campaign and are now working on the marketing details. It's still not too late to pledge if interested and you can learn more about the album over at Pledge Music.  Thanks to everyone who has supported us on this.  It has made a huge difference!

xoxo charlotte



I'm happy to announce I've launched my pledge campaign for my new albumWorth the Wait. This album covers things like love that doesn't pretend everything is perfect and easy all the time, being there for your kids when they make mistakes, and struggling to balance parenting with everything else.  If any of these topics speak to you, please visit Pledge Music and consider pre-ordering the album. You'll gain access to behind the scenes footage and exclusives only available to pledgers.  There is also a 4 minute video recap of recent years and the beginnings of the makings of Worth the Wait.  I hope you'll take a look!

xoxo charlotte



Hi there!

I am so looking forward to playing the Concert Under the Stars this year for the Princeton Historical Society. I was fortunate enough to attend last year for John Popper and the Duskray Troubadours and I had the best time! Please check out princetonhistory.org to learn more about this wonderful organization and all they do for our community.

Concert Under the Stars will be held on the Updike Farmstead in Princeton on Saturday, June 13th from 6:30-10pm. Tickets go on sale March 26th.

xoxo charlotte