What's a House Concert? Good question. A house concert is a live performance that takes place in a private home. It can be fairly informal; basically it's a group of people sitting around someone's home listening to music. It's generally held in a small enough space that the artist can play acoustically, without any amplification. A house concert is great for both the artist and the listeners because it delivers live music to an intimate audience.
Ok, I'm sold. How do I host one? All you need to do is:

1. Provide a common space big enough to fit at least 20 people (on pillows, folding chairs, soft rugs, whatever).

2. Invite your friends and family and ask that they make a suggested donation to the artist.

3. Provide drinks and/or snacks if you'd like (chips, cheese & crackers, cookies, veggies, etc.).

A house concert costs almost nothing to the host; the only out-of-pocket expenses are for the drink and snacks.  The "suggested donations" will take care of us!

However, if preferred, the host can provide the concert fee. Whatever works best for the occasion.

There's a great article about house concerts at

Please email me if you're interested in hosting a house concert, and we will try to set something up: