I want Charlotte to play at my School! Great! Here's what you do. For colleges, find out if you already have an established coffeehouse/concert series on campus. If so, get us the contact information of the person/committee that books it. If you don't have a series, you could still find out if the school would bring me to campus to perform--it's a cultural event. I could play in a campus center or another on-campus facility. Most likely, the Office of Student Activities or Student Life will know the scoop. They will probably want me to send them a press kit--I will gladly do so. (The press kit is also available online at  Tell them you will help promote the show on campus. Does your school have a radio station that might play some of my music? Let me know where to send the CD so that other students will know my music and want me to play there as well. If the Office of Student Activities wants to contact me directly, that's fine:
I'm in high school/prep school/camp. . .
what do I do?
First, find out if there is a department at the school that can fund a concert in the auditorium (or gym). Maybe the music department will sponsor the show. Once you have a faculty member on your team, you or they can contact me to figure out fees and dates and where at the school I should play.